Skolebaseret kursus: SHAKESPEARE OUT LOUD!

FASTERPUSSYCAT is an Anglo/Danish theatre company, and comprises Janice Dunn and Maria Lohmann. Janice is an English theatre director and writer, and she has a great deal of experience working with Shakespeare plays and texts. Maria is a Copenhagen born actress/director/workshop leader, who trained in London at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy. She has appeared in a variety of classic text English performances; including playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in a production in Verona itself.

FASTERPUSSYCAT offers Shakespeare introductory or masterclass workshops for danske gymnasier. These are dynamic, interactive and fun programmes that engage and stimulate pupils via Shakespeare’s language and stories.

We use a variety of techniques, and bite sized chunks of text, to get students thinking, acting and speaking. Within a 90 minute session we would expect all students to create and present their own version of a scene, in small groups; and also to tackle another facet of that or another play, from a new standpoint.

We can tailor our workshop offers to the specific plays being studied by any school or college, and likewise alter our workshop content to suit the needs of schools or students.
We are flexible, and happy to collaborate with teachers and pupils. We enjoy our work, and feel passionate about bringing Shakespeare to young people in a fresh new context. We can work together, or singly.

We can also offer courses or workshops for teachers, so they can take our ideas and techniques, and use them themselves.

Visit our homepage for further information and for examples of workshops.

Our fees are based on hourly rates, and the nature/size of the project. As a general rule the price for a 90-minute-lesson is 900 kroner per instructor. For classes hosted outside the borders of Sjælland there will be a travel fee.

If you are interested we can be contacted on the following email: